Walmart stores are adding a Netflix section with gift cards and gear

Walmart and Netflix are expanding their digital Netflix merch shop to physical stores, the two companies announced on Thursday. The shop, called The Netflix Hub, will be coming to more than 2,400 Walmart locations.

At the in-store Netflix zones, you’ll be able to buy things like “music, apparel, collectibles, games, and seasonal items” from big Netflix franchises like Stranger Things, Squid Game, and even the upcoming Knives Out sequel. Walmart and Netflix will also be selling “concession kits” of goodies like popcorn and candy to make watching Netflix at home feel like you’re at the movies. (Though in the case of the Knives Out sequel, you could just go see it at a theater.) Walmart will also be selling a $19.99 Netflix gift card, which conveniently translates to a single month of Netflix Premium following a recent price hike.

The bigger expansion into retail is just the latest way Netflix is trying to grow its business after losing subscribers for the first time in over a decade earlier this year. The company quickly ramped up efforts on its cheaper ad tier, which is launching in November, and its password-sharing crackdown will roll out in early 2023. But the news also represents the latest way Walmart is partnering with a streaming service to better compete with Amazon Prime; the retail giant announced in August that Walmart Plus subscribers would get access to Paramount Plus Essential bundled in.